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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Support   Trust   Achieve   Respect

At the Braybrook Centre, we provide a unique, innovative curriculum for every learner which encompasses our STAR vision: 

Support all learners in an inclusive, aspirational environment using quality first teaching and intervention.

Trust all learners to engage in their own bespoke curriculum to promote achievement, confidence and good behaviour. 

Achieve and aspire to the highest possible outcomes, preparing the learners for their future pathways.  

Respect all in a unique environment which celebrates success and challenge learners to make a positive contribution to their community. 



We strive to overcome barriers to learning and to improve the outcome for our students.  We aim to provide our students with the ability to become confident readers and develop increased mathematical fluency. We have a clear, shared rationale underpinning our curriculum design which is ambitious and provides accreditation and progression for future learning. 


Leadership at all levels drives the curriculum across the school, ensuring it meets students learning needs. The curriculum is reviewed regularly to provide depth and coverage of knowledge. Braybrook students take ownership of their own curriculum by opting from a broad variety of accredited pathways. Appropriate curriculum resources are selected, and all staff professional development is ongoing. 


Our curriculum improves student motivation and self-confidence, attendance and engagement with education.  Students make accelerated progress from their point of entry, achieving appropriate accreditations from KS3.  We strive to re-integrate students back into mainstream education.  Where this is not possible, we ensure they move onto an appropriate KS4 provision. Our curriculum gives students the best possible chance to transition successfully.

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