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Our Programme of study is organised in line with the national and secondary schools curricular. To add to this, at Braybrook, we place great importance on ensuring that every student develops sound basic numeracy skills, so that they can not only progress through a wide range of Maths topics, but are also confident and secure with the necessary skills for the ‘real world’.


All pupils upon entry to the Centre participate in the Accelerated Maths programme. This programme identifies every pupils’ strengths and highlights any areas for specific intervention. This enables teachers to concentrate on key learning steps within Maths. The result is quite literally that ‘accelerated Maths learning’ takes place. All pupil’s individual Maths learning needs are met within small group settings.


Fully qualified Maths specialists deliver all Maths sessions. A visible Reward scheme based around effort, persistence and engagement supports the learning process. As a direct result of our approach to learning within Maths, the vast majority of pupils in our Centre make good, if not accelerated progress.

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