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A range of pupils have been working hard to create their own original compositions both solo and as a group, working alongside pupils from different year groups at Braybrook Pru. Pupils write their own lyrics or work with the resident sound engineer and BBC WM radio Presenter, “Vital”, and Mr Wilkes.

Pupils (both male and female) have written, rehearsed and performed their own compositions- it is a joy to see pupils bringing their own written journals of lyrics, lyrics that they have written at home, boosting their literacy skills. Pupils have had their compositions recorded for the “WIREZ” Youtube channel, representing “The Way Youth Zone” and one pupil has had their track featured on BBC RADIO WM!

The young people really enjoy their sessions, looking forward all week to writing and recording- many pupils use this as a therapeutic tool and often use it as a chance to express their feelings and thoughts.At times, the lyrics of some of the pupils have actually revealed situations and information that has helped us to safeguard them and maintain their safety and well being.


Last year’s “Year 9” pupils were able to  achieve 3 ASDAN credits, a fantastic achievement!

“Vital” was key in helping these young people to achieve and exceed their targets- he works hard to ensure pupils reflect on and discuss their lyrics, a fantastic role model.

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