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Black History Month Events

On Friday 19th October, the Braybrook centre celebrated black history month with a “cultural carnival”.

The rationale for the day itself, was to teach pupils that we live in a diverse society of multiculturalism, and that unity through cultural celebration can bring everyone together, which we all believe that we achieved! All staff did a terrific job on the day, with; arts, crafts, food, music, sports, themed lessons, assemblies and general support on the day.

Pupils too, contributed towards the atmosphere of the day by; showing respect, experimenting with new foods and drink, joining in with samba skills and volleyball, showing thanks to staff and peers alike. I especially like to thank; Hope, Jay, Marley & Shalom for their special on the day performances, which kept the party alive in the spirit of the celebration.

After organising an event like this, I can appreciate the hard work and management that goes into an event planners job! 🙂 But in all seriousness, it was well worth the stress, and I look forward to planning more “culture” inspired celebrations in the future.

Mr Nwenwu

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