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Precious Lives

On Wednesday 13th June, as part of the PSHE curriculum all our students attended a workshop called “Precious Lives”.

The workshop looks at recent youth murders and how everyday young people made a choice which had life changing consequences for so many. It is focused around knife crime, incorporating “Joint Enterprise” but has been adapted to a wide range of audiences covering varied topics from gangs, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and even to being more motivated to achieve at school.

The presentation includes Alison Cope as guest speaker. Alison’s son Joshua was stabbed and murdered in Selly Oak in September 2013, he was well known within the Grime music scene as Depzman with over 70 million views of his music videos on YouTube. Alison tells his life story leading up to the night of his murder and how many lives were changed that night by the actions of one person. Alison is 2015 Pride of Birmingham winner.

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