School Games Silver Games Mark

Congratulations to the Lawnswood Campus PE Team who have achieved the Silver Schools Games Mark awad for their commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2018/19 across all four PRUs (Braybrook, Midpoint, Orchard and Nightingale). The criteria for silver is as follows:

Increasing Engagement in School Games

· Provide all students with two hours of Physical Education, school sport and physical activity per week (made up of curricular and extra curriculum activity) – applicable to years 3 -11 only.

· Engage at least 35% of pupils (10% for special schools/PRUs) in extracurricular sporting and physical activity every week – applicable to years 3-11 only.

· Over the course of the academic year, have targeted provision for those least active young people in your school and a minimum take up of at least 10% from those identified as least active at the start of the academic year. This take up needs to be sustained over a term – applicable to years 3-11 only.

Developing Competitive Opportunities

· Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in age and stage appropriate level of competition.

· Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity through inter-school competition for both boys and girls to take part in B team standard competition.

· Promote the School Games inclusive of physical activity to parents and the local community at least once every half term using newletters, website, social media and local press.

Workforce – Broadening the Range Of Opportunities

· Engage a representative group of students within and beyond the curriculum in leading, managing and officiating in School Games activity. (10% for schools/special schools and 4% for FE/PRUs)

· Engage students in the planning and development of School Games activity through student voice.

· Utilise sports coaches to support school sport and physical activity that compliments your School Games Organisers (SGO) School Games provision.

Increasing and Sustaining Participation

· Have active links with at least three local community and pathways sport/physical activity and leisure providers e.g. sport clubs, leisure centres, youth centres etc (one for special schools/N/A for PRUs) where the link is a signposting function (posters/assemblies etc) including one where the relationship is about the provider delivering taster sessions on site or the school/educational including one (N/A Special Schools/ PRUs) where institute is a partner host site for the activity and young people are actively engaged to attend. Simply letting your facility to a club does not constitute a link.

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