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The English department at The Braybrook Centre is committed to creating an enjoyment of English in a safe environment for all pupils to speak, listen, read, write and think. These skills are crucial to building personal relationships and being successful in all aspects of life.

English is the medium through which all lessons are delivered and it is therefore vital for the students to become as skilled as possible in this core curriculum subject.


Many students at The Braybrook Centre have become disengaged from their learning whereas others love reading and enjoy sitting quietly and comfortably with a good book, especially one they have chosen for themselves. Reading for pleasure is encouraged in the Centre, as highlighted in the 2014 Secondary Curriculum for English, through access to a range of relevant and contemporary fiction and non- fiction reading material.

English is concerned with skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. It involves an understanding of poetry and prose and deals with a mind boggling array of technical terminology. There is also endless beauty to be discovered in the English language and its range of good quality literature.

English is the language of the street, can create powerful emotional feelings and has the power to heal a rift or start a war! It is also necessary to submit an application form, complain about bad service or to send an e mail.

At The Braybrook Centre, we strive to provide a rich and varied English curriculum which is personalised for the individual needs of our students.

English at The Braybrook Centre is taught by a specialised teacher and each group has 4 x 45 minute lessons per week.

Literacy and reading interventions are also in place for those students requiring additional support.


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Year 8:


Year 9:

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