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The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (known as iDEA) is an innovative Badge Store concept that helps people develop skills for free. 

  • iDEA is the digital and enterprise equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award (the ‘digital DoE’)

  • It’s completely free and accessible globally on any modern device, operating system and browser – so you can play iDEA digital badges anywhere you can get online (free access and access for all!)

  • iDEA is for everyone – young people and adults alike. Bronze is beginner level, Silver intermediate and Gold advanced (iDEA is about stage, not age)

  • The iDEA bite size badges are very flexible – you can do them with your friends, on your own, or in classroom or workshop or club environments.

  • iDEA badges support both formal and informal learning – they have been mapped against the National Curriculum and the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

  • iDEA is creating as many experience badges as digital badges for the Badge Store. This enables iDEA to accredit partner activities such as learning events and workshops, so people can get points  towards their Bronze Award in recognition of the learning in the ‘real world’. iDEA helps offer a broader spectrum of learning options this way, and by doing so plays a vibrant and active part in the digital ecosystem.

  • The challenges are split into core main categories, each with its own series of badges – citizen, worker, maker, entrepreneur and gamer. As well as being fun, the badges provide a visual acknowledgment of achievement which can then lead to increased employment marketability in the technology and enterprise sectors. It’s about opening up opportunities for people in the job market.

All pupils at the Braybrook Centre work towards the Bronze iDEA award.

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