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“Wellness through STAR”

PE has always been a strong subject at the Braybrook centre, and I would like to thank all of the staff for the recent successes in the department. The personalised curriculum has grown from strength to strength and allows pupils to work with real life professionals in the sports/ active leisure industry.

Lessons already offer a range of activities which are; exciting, stimulating and challenging to say the least. As we already know, PE has the ability to improve health and fitness, but most importantly “Wellness”. The Braybrook departmental “Wellness through STAR” incorporates the school’s ethos of; support, trust, achieve and respect, which in turn can lead to individual wellness.

Wellness can be defined by Jonas (2005) as “a way of life and living, in which one is always exploring, searching, finding new questions and discovering new answers, along the three primary dimensions of living: the physical, the mental, and the social…”. Here in the PE department, we hope to develop the young pupil’s wellness by developing their physical and social aspects of life in our community, so that they can in turn, begin the process of mental development.

How, you may ask? I am excited to announce that this year will see an expansion of the facilities across the Lawnswood campus. The school have big plans up and coming, and the Braybrook centre’s pupils will be at the forefront of this amazing new development (physical).

Socially speaking, there will be many opportunities for pupils which are hardworking, to attend reward trips which will develop their social skills and experiences for life, and pupils may not always wish to seek a career in sports, but the transferrable skills gained from these experiences are well sought after in any industry.


Finally, we seek to encourage the development of cognitive ability (and lifelong wellness commitment) by offering the following courses to all pupils in the Braybrook centre:


I look forward to the year ahead

Mr N Nwenwu

PE Teacher

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