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Teacher Training

The DFE published in October 2018 a response to the Education Select Committee’s fifth report of Session 2017-19 on alternative provision which included the following recommendation:

All trainee teachers, in order to achieve Qualified Teacher Status, should be required to undertake a placement outside of mainstream education, for example in a special school or in alternative provision. (Paragraph 96)​


The Braybrook Centre works in conjunction with Keele University to offer regular placements to trainee teachers.

The full DFE recommendation stated:


We agree with the Committee that teaching in AP should be held in high regard, and attract the highest quality leaders and teachers, which in turn ensures there is sufficient high quality and specialist provision to meet the needs of these children. It is our vision that AP attracts the most talented teachers who can flourish working with the most vulnerable children, and that these teachers can share effective practice with their peers in mainstream. We also want to continue building an education system that provides a rewarding career pathway no matter what education setting teachers join. We want all trainee teachers to be equipped for their career and have access to high quality professional development, and we recognise that the quality of the teacher is the single most important school-based factor determining how well children achieve. Initial Teaching Training (ITT) already allows AP academies, free schools and PRUs to train new teachers, and we now want to ensure that staff within AP providers can access other opportunities for continuous professional development.  ITT providers must have regard to the guidance ‘ITT: criteria and supporting advice’ produced by the department. The criteria, which are statutory, include the requirement for providers to ensure that each trainee teacher has taught in at least two schools and that the other schools are carefully selected to extend the trainees’ knowledge, skills and understanding. ITT providers must ensure they meet these criteria to remain compliant. ITT providers who do not comply with these criteria may be subject to withdrawal of accreditation. The Government does not prescribe the content of ITT courses. It is for ITT providers to use their professional judgement to determine the content and structure of courses, but they must prepare trainee teachers to demonstrate that they have met all of the Teachers’ Standards at the appropriate level. In July 2016, the Department published a framework of core content for ITT. This guidance states that ITT providers “should equip trainees to analyse the strengths and needs of all pupils effectively, ensuring that they have an understanding of cognitive, social, emotional, physical and mental health factors that can inhibit or enhance pupils’ education.” 

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